Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor is a Discreet, Unique, 100% Reliable, No-Drill (invisible when fitted) Car Parking Sensor.

PD1 is Now Available as 5 Sensor Pack Options:

  1. Front
  2. Rear
  3. Vision-Rear
  4. Front & Rear Pack
  5. Front and Vision-Rear Pack

The Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor uses a unique 100% Responsive and Reliable, ‘invisible when fitted’ Electromagnetic Technology that makes parking and reversing Safer and Easier, preventing Bumps, Scrapes and Tragic Accidents.

This revolutionary technology only previously used by a few elite car manufacturers is now available to you and your car, and takes parking sensor technology to the next level, leaving the ultrasonic type of sensor kits a sorry 2nd best in both design and performance.

The Parking Dynamics PD1 will fit any Car, Vehicle, Van, 4×4, MPV, SUV or Motor home that have a plastic bumper fitted, ensuring maximum compatibility, functionality, reliability and high performance accuracy when parking and reversing. You have no need to be concerned as 99.9% of vehicles have plastic bumpers.

The PD1 Universal Parking sensor uses a unique adhesive antenna design that discretely mounts on the inner side of your plastic bumper preserving the ‘new factory look’ of your vehicle, so only you will know it is fitted.

PD1 Electromagnetic Technology v’s Ultrasonic Sensors

There are 2 types of parking sensor technologies available on the market. Totally unique in design, the PD1 is a superior alternative to the older ultrasonic type sensor technology that requires you to drill 4 or 6 holes in your bumper, mounting ugly black sensors that then need painting to colour code and match the shade of your bumper…
The Parking Dynamics PD1 makes this a thing of the past!

PD1 Parking Sensor

PD1 does not require any modifications to your bumper as the antenna sensor is placed on the inner side of the bumper.

The PD1 parking sensor is able to detect any kind of obstacle no matter what, even with the most varied forms.

Capability to approach and alert for obstacles up to a few centimetres away. Ideal for tight parking spaces.

The PD1 parking sensor protects the bumpers on its entire length without any dead detection points.

Ultrasonic System

The ultrasonic sensors are easily visible, unsighlyand vulnerable to both weather ingress and damage via any contact.

The ultrasonic systems have difficulty in detecting inclined surfaces or reflective obstacles such as shrubs and wire fences.

The ultrasonic system is unable to distinguish distances below 30 cm making it hard to judge parking in tight spaces.

The ultrasonic sensors fail to protect the entire length of the bumper and has dead detection points.

  • Unlike ultrasonic’s the PD1 parking sensor does not require adjusting or realigning during installation and is cost effective to replace in the event of an accident or if you buy a new car.
  • The electromagnetic parking sensors have a built in maintenance system that is initialised upon activation.It will run the diagnostic check and give you real time feedback each time you select reverse gear. Therefore there is no maintenance required on the electromagnetic parking sensor.
  • Ultrasonic technology having 4 or 6 visible and exposed sensors does need regular maintenance and cleaning. Electromagnetic technology is not exposed, is self diagnostic and requires no maintenance.
  • Conversely the ultrasonic parking sensors require maintenance whenever the parking sensors get dirty or are bumped and the performance is affected. They can also get knocked out of alignment by simply washing the car.
  • Many accidents occur because drivers can’t see the corners of their car and how far the edge of the bumper sticks out from the rest of the body. The electromagnetic design allows for this, as the antenna covers the entire length of the bumper and this is superior to the ultrasonic type that cannot detect objects at the very corners and onto the sides.