Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor is a Discreet, Unique, 100% Reliable, No-Drill (invisible when fitted) Car Parking Sensor.

Parking Dynamics – Key Features

  • 100% Discrete! No visible parts, so only you will know it is fitted.
  • Automatically beeps if you get to close to an object.
  • Detects people, vehicles, small & high kerbs, garage doors, pillars, posts, walls, fences, barriers, skips, etc.
  • Scans & Protects full length of bumper even onto sides unlike ultrasonic’s.
  • Allows you to get close (10cm) to an object. Great for tight parking spaces.
  • Maintenance FREE!
  • No-Drill, No-Damage! Fitted without drilling bumper unlike ultrasonic type parking sensors.
  • 100% accurate, reliable and responsive in all parking situations and weather conditions.
  • No Paint Required! Unlike ultrasonic type sensors.
  • 2.7 Metre Adhesive antenna mounts on inner side of bumper and can be cut to fit any size of bumper.
  • 100% Compatible with both conventional and the latest CAN Bus multiplex wiring systems.
  • 3 Audible Tones alert you of your proximity in relation to surrounding objects. PD1 Vision also has a display.
  • Easy 3 wire installation.
  • Compatible with vehicles that have a tow bar fitted or spare wheel fixed to rear door.
  • Fits all vehicles with a plastic bumper including Cars, 4×4, MPV, SUV, Vehicles, Motor homes.
  • Ideal for Rental and Leasing companies as no bumper adjustments are required.
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
  • High Performance Parking Sensor, Reverse Sensor, Reversing Sensor, Parking Aid!

Parking Dynamics – Key Benefits

  • Parking Dynamics PD1 fits all Cars, Vehicles, Vans, 4x4s, MPVs, SUVs and Motor Homes giving you maximum compatibility, functionality, reliability and high performance accuracy.
  • The Parking Dynamics PD1 parking sensor is universal for any vehicle including cars, vans, motorhomes A parking sensor that uses electromagnetic technology to scan the full length of your bumper from end to end, detecting ALL obstacles and offering you complete front and rear coverage when parking and reversing. It prevents minor damage collisions and injury accidents, which promotes road safety and keeps the cost of motoring to a minimum level.
  • Parking Dynamics PD1 Car Parking Sensor is 100% Maintenance FREE A Maintenance FREE Front and Rear parking and reverse sensor technology – No Cleaning, No Adjustment and No Painting of sensors or Constant Testing required! The PD1 is completely 100% Maintenance FREE – with no unsightly ultrasonic sensors to clean, wash or replace.
  • A parking sensor unit with an instant, automatic, self diagnostic function A parking sensor unit with an instant, automatic, self diagnostic function each time the reverse gear is engaged. The Parking Dynamics PD1 parking sensor maps out the surrounding area and monitors whilst you reverse, providing 3 different tones for signalling the proximity of an object. This ensures early warning and helps you to avoid all accidents whilst reversing.
  • Unlike ultra sonics, the Parking Dynamics PD1 parking sensor does not require adjusting Unlike ultrasonic’s, the PD1parking sensor does not require adjusting or realigning during fitting and is cost effective to replace in the event of an accident. Unlike ultrasonics that require you to drill your bumper, have ugly sensors that need painting to match your bumper when fitting and if faulty need the entire system to be replaced, the Parking Dynamics PD1 is fitted and forgotten!
  • The monitoring device Aids restricted rear viewing major benefit for the Parking Dynamics PD1 Car Parking Sensor
  • Allows you to get close (10cm) to an object. Great for tight parking spaces. Ultrasonics only allow you to get 25cm away from an object making it hard to judge how close you actually are in tight spaces.

Parking Sensor Reduces Insurance Claims

As recently reported by the insurance industry, 27% of vehicle accidents are now caused by driver error, when parking and reversing! With more cars on the road now than ever before, the Risk is even greater for accidents to occur. The Parking Dynamics PD1 will give you peace-of-mind and total parking confidence.

Parking sensors help and result in a major decrease in minor damage collisions caused when parking and reversing. This simple device will pay for itself many times over by reducing the number of small bangs in which you are involved. Completely eliminating the chance of putting your No Claims Bonus at risk!

Parking in the Busy City is a Breeze

Parking in small tight spaces will no longer be a concern. In the knowledge that the car parking sensor is there to assist with your reversing and parking, you will no longer drive past that apparent, small roadside parking space and you will find that the process of parking is quicker and far more efficient.

You will save time and avoid the embarrassment of lengthy parking manoeuvres, holding up a line of traffic behind you whilst it is complete. It provides the driver with renewed and increased confidence when reversing and parking, which leads to a more enjoyable driving experience.

All Round Protection with Front and Rear Sensor Options

Parking Dynamics PD1 is available in 3 options; Front, Rear and Front & Rear Pack. Both sensors work on the same ultra effective electromagnetic concept and operation but have 2 very different alert tones to distinguish them apart.

Both sensors work independently on separate circuits and ultimately give you the all round protection required for effortless and bump-free parking manoeuvres.