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This product was recommended to us by Colin as we didn't want to deface the bumper of our passatt with ordinary bumper sensors - we did wonder whether they would be as effective as the ones that are installed by drilling holes in the bumper and we are delighted with the result! Not only are they super effective and very reassuring there are no visable signs on the exterior that you have anything fitted!!! BONUS!!!
We would most definately recommend the PD1 Parking Sensors - they're brill!!

Mrs T Kimberley

purchased the PD1 Parking sensor for my Daewoo Musso 4x4 as to se out of the back is difficult.
The hardest part of the job was to find the correct reversing cable as the lights are in the tailgate not the rear wing.
To take the bumber off was straight forward and to put the two (2) strips of aerial cable (due to the tow bar and huge metal bumper)ono the rear of the bumper was easy.
Beats drilling the bumper and possibly making a mistake and then having to rectify, this was very easy and enjoyable.
I would recomend this product to anyone wanting to protect the rear of their vehicle.

Andrew Murray

Seems to be a very Good product as per the discussion I had with Alison in the support team.

Good luck to PD and Alison!


Jo George

Managed to fit the sensor.Working fine. I wish the sensitivity was a bit more to detect objects about 1.5 metres away.Fitting was very easy and I had plenty of grommets and a nice shelf in the boot trim on the car body wall. No messy drilling around.Good product overall

V Sureshkumar

Ordered yesterday, delivered today and fitted in an hour and a half. This is an excellent product with very clear instructions. My biggest fear was removing the rear bumper but it was really easy on my wife's Fiat 500. I am delighted with the performance and distance sensitivity of the sensor. Why bother drilling into an expensive bumper when in minutes you can have an unobtrusive and highly efficient system that is weather and theft proof? The only addition I would make to the kit is to include a small rubber grommet for the sensor antenna wire but this really is a very well designed reversing aid. Thank you PD.

Patrick Reehal

Feeling fairly confident that I could install these sensor packs myself, I waited for a sunny day (long wait!) before attempting to remove the bumpers. The car is a new shape 08 Focus Estate. Installation of the rear sensor pack was surprisingly simple; removed 6 screws and 2 plastic rivets and the rear bumper simply unclips. There is a grommet in the left hand side that leads to the perfect position for the electronics module with easy access to the required connections to the reversing lamp. There was plenty of cable to run the length of the car (following existing cables) to the rear view mirror for the display (no need to remove the headlining) Total time for the rear kit was about 2 hours, including the waterproofing paint on the antenna.
I found the front kit as easy - in this case, after removing the protection plate below the front bumper I had enough room to install the antenna without removing the bumper. Installing the electronics module near the fusebox and passing the cable through an existing grommet I decided to put the switch on a seperate plastic box (Maplin!) so I didn't drill the dash. Again job done in less than an hour. Best of all - no drilling holes for unsightly ulrasonic sensors, entirely unseen.
The operation of both kits is superb, in the first week saving my rear bumper from an unseen towball! I thoroughly recommend this kit.

Christopher David Askew

Just installed this on my Volvo XC70. Superb product and easy to install.

I either managed to break or had a faulty switch for the front sensor. Contacted Parking Dynamics and two switches were despatched by return - what good customer service.

Robert Meller

a quick and easy,cost effective parking sensor long as you are capable of removing the vehicles bumper and finding the live feed to the reverse light. then you can fit this kit that comes with very good easy to follow instructions.dr-aw back with this system are :- if your vehicle moves to fast the system gives false alarm, range from first detection to min distance is very short. but once you get used to this it's a very good system.

robert evans

I purchased this product and was very pleased with how easy it was to fit, i was worried that the buzzer would not be loud enough, but i was pleasantly suprised.
I would recomend this product to anyone as it does not require any drilling and the bumper remains untouched.It is also very sensative. EXCELLENT.

J J Sunderland

John Sunderland

The sensors are easy to fit and work really well. The only difficulties I had with a new Mondeo was working out how to get the bumpers off as I had no instructions. The rear bumper was relatively easy and once all the obvious screws were undone it easily unclipped. The front bumper had two concealed bolts on each side holding it to the front wing. I looked on the internet and found the information stating that the wheel arch linings had to be pulled back to reveal the bolts. As the reversing lights are in the rear door I had to locate the live feed in the wiring harness as it passes down from the rear door into the rear left side. Note it is not the bundle of wires going to the rear fusebox but it is located in the bundle of wires that go forward into the car.

An excellent product that works really well.

Stephen O'Callaghan

It's a high quality product and worked very well, I've installed in a Honda Civic 2009, It was very easy, even here in Brazil, where we don't have an authorized installer.


I am recomending it to my best friends !! That is a true recomendation for everyone: A truly fantastic product.
David Williams

David Williams

Excellent piece of kit. Works great on my Mk5 Golf GTI. Stealth parking sensors were fitted in around 3 hours. They work a treat!!
Get yourself one.

Mr S D Fordyce

I purchased the PD1 rear parking sensor in the UK for my Ford Fusion Hatchback in India. The fitment of the sensor was very easy with the given guidelines.. and as the ground clearance of the fusion is high there was no need to remove the bumper either. So installation was over in minutes.. had a little difficulty in pinpointing positve wire of the reversing light, but that too was sorted out. The performance is excellent and even a small obstacle is detected immediately. Very essential for parking in the crowded streets. I wish I had the indicator also.

Rahul Raje

It is a very useful and convenient electronic device which makes parking easy without any fear of collision. Really an appreciable device. I would like to recommend it to my friends and relatives, that they should get benefit of a really great product.

eschber geryublys

I've had various different sensors before - stick on and drill holes in the bumper. This is the best yet - invisible from the outside.
Coupl-e of points to note: if you have a metal bar behind the bumper where you want the strip to go, you may need to add the extra strip supplied in order to increase the sensitivity. But at least they give you an extra strip!
And if, like me on my Mazda 6 hatch, your reversing lights are on the tailgate itself rather than the wing, it's not easy to find the wire to attach the live lead to! But that's not a fault of this sensor.
Really impressed with this product, and thoroughly recommend it.

Jeremy Gall

The sensor arrived a couple of days after I placed the order. The wiring diagram of the unit in the instructions didn't match the unit I received, but there was only one way the wires could fit, so I ignored the diagram.

Onc-e the Mondeo rear bumper was off, it was a piece of cake to fit everything - there was even a handy grommit allowing the sensor wire into the boot.

The system worked perfectly from the start and now I play the game of reversing with my eyes shut, stopping at the low tone beep and checking how close I am to anything dangerous or precious. It is so predictable, the game is losing its fascination!

Andy Timmons

Works great thoroughly recommended. Fantastic not to have holes in the bumpers. Already used with fronts to get into some tight parks and only been on 4 days. Glad I paid someone to fit it as getting the bumpers off on the new Mazda 6 took a while (rear lights had to come out to get to the last screws). Fitting the product itself was easy. Other complication was the reverse lights for the hatchback are on the hatch so the power had to run to the top of the hatch.

Ray McKeown

Have just bought front and back sensors for civic after my good wife took a bump. I asked the repairers if they would fit while apart £50. They have fitted the rear and at the moment work very well only bleeping in the danger zone (you do have to turn the radio down). The front I will have to fit later as the repairers thought that it did not look water tight for under the engine and a bit of a job to run a wire to the dash. The rear 8/10 half the cost of a Honda garage.

Mr C Pearn

After finding Parking Dynamics website and reading through their very useful information and pdfs, I decided to purchase the PD1 Vision for my 09 Jetta. After working out how to take the bumper off - with the aid of a post on one of the VW forums that included step by step photos, the installation of the PD1 was relatively easy and straight forward. The length of the cable from the main electronic box in the boot to the LED display was to short to put it on the internal mirror so I stuck it (upside down as this had the largest area to stick to) to the dash near the driver side door mirror. The device works excellently, better than I expected to be honest, I'm extremely pleased with this product. Why do people install ultrasonics, they look obvious and have a limited sensor range. Perhaps a window sticker should be supplied with the PD1 so people know about it otherwise it's invisible to everyone tucked behind the bumper. Great product, well done Parking Dynamics

Chris Mortimer


I was highly impressed and deeply satisfied by Parking Dynamic's customer care and support. My order has been lost (or mis-delivered) by local postal service in my country (Oman) two times, but in spite of this PD sent third one by courier service, which I received finally. Obviously PD did not make any profit on my order but it is very pleasure to see that for PD the customer satisfaction means more than a profit.

Thanks again and all the best.

With best regards,

Beknazar Musaliev

Exactly what it says on the tin. I fitted it to the rear bumper of my Mazda RX-8 and it was very easy to fit. It worked perfectly right from the start.

Paul Fullalove

A good device, simple wiring and a less obtrusive than other models on the market.
Althou-gh fitting did take longer than expected, as the bumper had to be removed and the foil stip fitted behind and inside some of the plastic supports on the inside of the bumper (fiddily).
All in all a good product that i would recommend.

Steve Baker

I had the Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor Vision & Front Pack fitted for me by one of the approved fitters and I am over the moon with every aspect of the product.
I contemplated fitting myself, but having watched the fitter spend 5 hours fitting both sets, I'm not sure I could have tackled it within a day. You have to be fairly confident when removing bumpers and panels on your car, a lot of the clips used are the type that break if not removed correctly, and as for identifying wiring etc...I chose to leave well alone. I can heartily recommend Colin of Smart-Tech, courteous, professional and extremely competent. Top product that will easily pay for itself.

Gavin Lowle

I brought this item for my renault grand scenic. I couldnt get the bumper off myself but still managed to fit in under 10 minute, works perfectly very simple to fit and even better to use. Speaker is very loud and mounted in the boot and even over the kids and radio it can be heard, A must have buy

ben messingham

I have tried several different reversing sensors in the past. And i have to say this was by far the easiest and best reversing sensor to fit.

It is also the best reversing sensor i have used.

There is no need to have holes drilled into the bumper and there is no part of the bumper which isn't protected by the reversing strip fitted to the inside of the bumper. The control unit looks and feels well made too.

Parking Dynamics are that confident about this PD1 reversing sensor. That they offer a no quible full refund if your not happy with the product.

Now you can't ask for any better than that, I highly recommend the PD1 reversing sensor.


Great service and perfect product!
I installed PD1 front and rear view by myself for a really short time. It works fine.

iliyan iliev roev

Does what it says on the tin.

Fitted it in under 20mins (most of the time was removing the bumper).

Works fine, picks up high kerbs which sensors I have had in the past did not. I was worried when ordering as the metal bumper bar in my ZT Tourer is very close the bumper skin but this has not affected operation at all.

Excelle-nt, would recommend.

Rob Pountney

Unbelievable piece of kit! I drive a renault trafic van loaded with expensive tools, so i like to back against house.

When the lower continuous beep sounds, i am literally 1 inch off house wall, tools safe, my son fitted this in 50 mins i just cannot believe the accuracy.

michael jones

Very easy to install! Hardest part like some other customers was finding the correct wire in the rear of vehicle. Could not get to the rear light itself as the light cluster is in boot lid which would mean alot of bits to remove.

I actually found another block of wires in the left side of the boot just above the wheel arch. Very awkward to get to but a bit of twisting, laid in boot and with plenty of scratches on hand I managed to connect to the reversing wire.

Also the car I have is the new Mazda 3 2.0 Sport Saloon and you don't need to remove the rear bumper as there is plenty of room to work on. All connected and so far so good "NO BUMPS".

I am pretty good with DIY and know a bit about cars etc so I found it easy to install.

I think that even a non DIY person should not have many problems installing this product as long as you think about what you are doing and take your time.

There are also guys at Parking Dynamics that will always give you advice.


David Jones-Devitt

It works like magic! The sensor is very good, and i reccomend it.

Zlatko Zlatkov

Just received my PD1, less than 24 hours since I ordered it!
Well done and many thanks to you and to Royal Mail!
Outstand-ing service much appreciated.


I have now fitted both front and back sensors and I am very pleased.
They were easy to fit ---it takes a little 'trying out' to get used to the system. As I always drive with 'daylight riding lights' I wired the front one onto the parking light circuit-----the-n via the supplied switch to the sensor---it makes access to power very simple ---similar to the rear one off the reversing light.

In all my detailed testing to date it works brilliantly!

A Cullinane

great, no problems at all!


Item as described. Very quick delivery. Highly Recommended +++



Thanks so much for a great transaction and fast Delivery, in just 24 hours I'd Ordered and Installed.

My Parking Dynamics PD1 product is without doubt the best product investment Iíve made for my car. I now have the ability to park and reverse in complete safety. This is one superb gadget!

Again thanks and all the best,

Steve O'Connor

ThankYou Parking Dynamics

Being new to online shopping Iím still a bit tentative about handing over my card details to a website, but your service and delivery has been unbelievable. You were right I had nothing to be worried about. Also the installation was a Piece-of-cake.

Thanks again for a superb shopping experience.

Rob Roberts

Parking Dynamics gave me the best Online Shopping Experience I've had in 7 yrs buying online...

I placed the order for a PD1 for my Audi Tuesday Lunchtime, my local installer called Wednesday at 3pm and in 60 minutes I was off to use my parking sensor in the tight parking spaces in town. Great Advice, Great Product, Great Service.

Much Appreciated,

Eric Mathers

Hi Sales Team! Thanks for giving expert advice on the features and the Installation of my Parking Dynamics Pd1 Sensor last week. What a pleasure to fit, had great fun actually, and in 1.30 mins had the total protection my wife and myself need, Amazing!

Thanks a lot,

Danny Watson

Just a quick email to pass on my thanks for your high level of sales, support and overall service. When I found out about the Parking Dynamics PD1 parking sensor and its discrete no drill concept i was amazed having previously had my bumper stuffed with those awful sensors. So I went to Halfords for local advice before making a decision, but to be honest they were pretty useless and tried to sell me an 8 sensor ultrasonic kit, NO THANKS. So I jumped online again, immediately found your site and placed an order.

I actually ordered 2 sensors, one for me and one for my wife as we both drive the new Ford Focus and needed to make parking safer as the back is higher than previous cars. The product delivered all that we could have expected, really surprised at its robust performance in all conditions.


Tony Deacon

It's really easy to install this parking sensor!
Big benefit is that there are just few wires which have to be connected in order to make it work.

Instal-lation was over in 10 minutes.. although it could be even easier if few more pictures/ilustr-ations are given for provided connectors/wire-s.

Fitting only one antenna on my Ford Focus MK2 could be not sensitive enough, because of metal crash-bar under bumper... but it's matter of opinion. The 2nd antenna is provided in package, so I just have to try.

Overall opinion, very good price-value !!!

Tomasic Goran

T installation of the Parking Dynamis sensor is the easy bit. The difficult part is finding all the various clips and bolts that Nissan manage to hide! The indicator on the rear ensor is fantastic, the indication worked exactly as per the informaion supplied i.e if you get to the red indicator at the right of the display bar your back bumper has made contact....just-. I don't think that you can get better than that. The sensitivity is so good that it will pick up the road if you are reversing off a steep slope to a road, absolutely excellent. The same results go for the front sesor as well. The actual fitting once the bumpers were removed was simplicity itself. The rear ecu fitted nicely behind the boot side trim of my Qahqai and the connection for the reversing lights was simply made using the connector that is already in he same area for the ultrasonic sensors that are available as a more expensive option from Nissan, how good is that? People I have shown the system to have the usual reaction to the price, but soon change their mind when they see that there are no holes to drill, so little wiring and most importantly the perfomance of the system.

Keith Purdon

I now own a Mercedes 200 C class 52 plate and can not see out the back window to see how close to objects I am while reversing. Being an ex BMW owner I relied on my reversing sensors religously. After much searching and reading of reviews decided on the PD1 reverse sensor, We had to take the bumper strip off which (after locating the one screw each end, under the wheel arch) was tricky but we managed it with out any damage, (masking tape is wonderful stuff). Followed the instructions easily to fit the sensor strip but could not hear the bleeper so we put it on top of the parcel shelf very descreetly behind the middle head rest. Had this a week now and very satisfied, alot cheaper to buy this than repair my bumper. From starting to take the bumper strips off to testing the sensor took about 3 hours, I am a woman after all, Thanks from a satisified customer, Jenny.

Jennifer Edge

A+++++ Excellent delivery. Pleasure doing business


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very fast delivery will leave follow up when i have fitted, thanks Buyer: gwea7876 ( 48) 27-Mar-09 15:04
Follow-up by gwea7876 (31-Mar-09 17:25):
very easy piece of kit to install and very effective have rcommended to others


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In Car Network Ltd

We are one of the UK's largest network of car entertainment and accessories retailers and only sell the products that we would happily use on our own vehicles. We test every product we sell and the parking Dynamics products really are second to none. The return rate is excellent (not one unit back thus far after many sales!) and the products stand out above ultrasonic sensors for many reasons but the main two being that there are no "blind spots" and the installation is completely invisible. This should be the product of choice for ANY parking sensor installer, retailer or trader!

Matt Janaway

In-Car Solutions Ltd

As a leading supplier of In-Car Solutions we have been very impressed by the PD1 Sensors and the technology behind the product. We tried many different types of sensor before committing to the PD1 and now ONLY supply and fit this product to our trade and retail customers. We know from experience that we can rely on this product and have now been installing for over 12 months with no come back.

John Ward

Smart Tech Ltd

I have been fitting these parking sensors for parking dynamics for about 18 months now and have not had one single breakdown in all that time. Everyone that has had these fitted has been very pleased with the result. My customers decision to have these is more often than not based on the fact that nothing is seen and the fact they can park closer than with ultrasonics.We shall continue to recommend these kits to our customers.

Colin Kitchenham

Parking Dynamics continue to supply us with cutting edge products and installation services that other brands and companies simply cannot compete with.

Brookdale Audi Group

Chris Roberts