Unique Retro-Fit Parking Sensor Technology

Invisible Electromagnetic Sensors are 100% Reliable

Installed with No Drilling, No Holes and No Damage to you Vehicle

Can be Fitted to ANY Vehicle Type, Make and Model

Parking Dynamics
PD1 Features

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Parking Dynamics

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Parking Dynamics
PD1 Installation

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Our Tried & Tested Electromagnetic Parking Sensors are available in stock, for immediate despatch and delivery across the UK and Worldwide!

33% of Vehicle Accidents are Caused by Driver Error, when Parking or Reversing… Fact!

This simple to use, 100% reliable & responsive parking sensor alert system protects your car from Bumps, Scrapes and Expensive Collisions.

Superior to ultrasonic parking sensors the Parking Dynamics PD1 has a unique No Holes ‘invisible when fitted’ Design. This Maintenance-Free, Electromagnetic Technology is compatible with any Car, Van, 4×4, MPV, SUV or Motorhome and will sense any object, person or car located behind your vehicle.

Parking Dynamics was born out of pure frustration having previously used other parking sensors on our own cars and vehicles. Their inferior ultrasonic parking sensor technology gave us limited parking and reversing success, plus the experience of poor parking safety levels at best.

Supplying Retail, Private and Trade customers since 1994, we have over 15 years of Research & Development. Now on its 5th software update, the current PD1 is as good as it gets!Invisible, Patented Design and Technology integrates seamlessly with all vehicle types and models.

The Parking Dynamics PD1 is trusted by many of the leading car manufacturers including Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot and Renault. Many premium manufacturers including Audi and Volkswagen choose the PD1 for it’s accuracy, reliability, high performance and safety features.

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