Electromagnetic Parking Sensor (PD1) v's Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Technology

Parking Dynamics PD1 parking sensors use a revolutionary electromagnetic technology previously only used by a few elite car manufacturers and is now available to you and your car, and takes parking and reversing sensor technology to the next level, leaving the ultrasonic type of parking and reversing sensor kits a sorry 2nd best in design and performance.

The detection range is not restricted to just 3 or 4 ugly sensors unlike ultrasonic parking sensors and the PD1 covers the full length of your bumper, even onto the sides giving optimum coverage and total protection.

Electromagnetic Parking Sensor (PD1) v's Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Technology:

There are 2 types of parking and reverse sensor technologies available on the market. The older less reliable technology is ultrasonic and typically uses 4 or 6 sensors that mount in the bumper for all to see. Holes need drilling in your bumper to mount and they need painting to match your bumper colour.

Many ultrasonic parking and reversing systems are physically too deep to install in to bumpers, due to the crash protection bar behind the bumper. The PD1 eliminates this problem!

The Parking Dynamics PD1 uses a tried and tested unique Electromagnetic Parking Sensor Technology, used only by a few elite car manufacturers and this offers a unique design that discretely mounts on the inner side of the bumper preserving the 'new factory look' of your vehicle, so only you will know it is fitted.

Ultrasonic technology having 4 or 6 visible and exposed sensors does need regular maintenance and cleaning. The PD1 Electromagnetic technology is not exposed, is self diagnostic and requires no maintenance.

Many accidents occur because drivers can't see the corners of their car and how far the edges of the bumpers protrude from the rest of the body. This is extremely dangerous when parking and reversing.

Unique Design:

The PD1 electromagnetic design allows for this, as the antenna covers the entire length of the bumper and this is superior to the ultrasonic type that cannot detect objects at the very corners and onto the sides, nor can it detect objects that start within a short distance of your car such as items placed behind your car when stationary.

No Visible Parts, Period! The PD1 electromagnetic sensors when fitted are completely discrete and totally invisible. Only you will know it's fitted. This ensures a no-holes installation, a higher value to your car—and a more desirable car.

No-Drill! The electromagnetic PD1 is fitted without drilling your bumper and is completely 100% discrete and invisible when on the vehicle. Unlike ultrasonic type parking sensors that require ugly sensors to be mounted in your bumper and then painted.

Electromagnetic Car Parking & Reverse Sensor Technical Operation:

When reverse gear is selected the small control unit generates a magnetic field and transfers this to the transceiver adhesive strip that is placed on the inner side of and run the length of your bumper. The PD1 Front sensor is activated by a a switch and works in exactly the same way as the PD1 rear reverse sensor.

The magnetic strip then sends out an elliptical magnetic field to cover the full area around your bumper, front, rear and sides. The transceiver strip works by sending and receiving unlike ultrasonic parking and reverse sensors that require 2 types of sensors, one to send and one to receive; if they become dirty the ultrasonic  performance can deteriorate.

Mass is then monitored by the control unit by translating this into a voltage. When an object (i.e. people, kerbs, cars, etc) heavier in mass than the magnetic field enters this elliptical zone, an increase in voltage is detected by the control unit and you are then informed by a series of audible tones or display (PD1-Vision only) how close you are to the object. You can then manoeuvre accordingly with plenty of time to react.

Optimum Parking & Reversing Safety!

As recently reported by the insurance industry, 33% of vehicle accidents are now caused by driver error, when parking and reversing! With more cars on the road now than ever before, the Risk is even greater for accidents to occur. The Parking Dynamics PD1 will give you peace-of-mind and total parking and reversing confidence.

As the PD1 parking sensor only starts detecting objects when in motion and moving towards an object this has many safety advantages as well as being compatible with tow bars (towing hooks). The PD1 starts detecting immediately the moment you start moving and this is within in millimetres of movement.

Ultrasonics start beeping immidiately the minute you select reverse and this has many negative safety issues as it is a constant distraction as soon as you select reverse.

What advantages does the PD1 have over traditional ultrasonic type sensors?

- The PD1 has many advantages including:

- Invisible when fitted design. Nobody will ever know its fitted.

- Full bumper coverage and protection without any missed areas that you get with ultrasonic sensors. Plus no need for 4 to 8 sensors.

- Capability to approach obstacles up to 10 centimetres away which is ideal for tight parking spaces. The ultrasonic type sensors are unable to distinguish distances below 30 cm.

- Compatible with vehicles that have a tow bar (tow hook) fitted or spare wheel fixed to rear door.

- The PD1 only starts detecting objects when actually moving towards an object and this has many safety advantages as well as being compatible with tow bars (towing hooks). Its important to know that the PD1 starts working immediately when you start moving backwards and so detects objects directly behind the car or vehicle within millimeters.

- Easier to install with less components.


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I can't believe the ease by which the parking sensor was fitted and we just love the discrete 'hidden' sensor design. What a difference the PD1 makes to both mine and my wife's parking and reversing.

The audible alert keeps our attention to a maximum level and really helps with tight parking spaces.

Andy J

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