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What is the Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor?

The Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor uses unique 100% Responsive and Reliable Electromagnetic Technology making parking Safer and Easier, preventing Bumps, Scrapes and Tragic Accidents.

The Parking Dynamics PD1 will fit any Car, Vehicle, Motor home & Caravan (12V) that have a plastic bumper fitted, ensuring maximum compatibility, functionality, reliability and high performance accuracy when parking and reversing. You have no need to be concerned as 99% of vehicles have plastic bumpers. 

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Shopping With Us is Safe.

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Customer Testimonials

I can't believe the ease by which the parking sensor was fitted and we just love the discrete 'hidden' sensor design. What a difference the PD1 makes to both mine and my wife's parking and reversing.

The audible alert keeps our attention to a maximum level and really helps with tight parking spaces.

Andy J

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